above - Old Red Enamel tea pot, Handmade Ginger holding spoon, cinnamon stick and piip berries, and some apples.


Just two old crows hanging around



Small black crow on Large Calico stained star, wrapped with rusty star wire and three painted stars with bells, "Wish upon a star"

 Vintage Coffee Cannister with

Ginger gather,

(handmand ginger bread man, painted spoon, whisk, tea strainer, gingerbread cookie cutter, cinnamon stick, rolling pin, and faux apples)

above - Vintage Potato mashers with gingers, cinnamon stick, pip berry and hand painted ginger spoon. 1 available

Crow Sitter

Large Crow handmade, stuffed painted and sanded and mounted on spindle.

 SOLD - can make to order


Hand cut and painted

soap dish and cup wall hanger

 above - Old Flour Sifter with gingerbread gathering,

gingerbread man, painted ginger spoon, rusty gingerbread cookie cutter,  wooden ginger, metal whisk and tea strainer, pips cinna stix & apples all nestled in old sifter.

large handpainted Ginger bread spoons

 2 available

◄ Vintage Wrought Iron Gem Tray with handpainted ginger faces.

BOWL RACK  with 2 hand painted bowls, distressed, wire holdback and hand stitched willow dish cloth



3 hand painted bowls, distressed look


◄         MINI BOWL RACK

1 handpainted bowl, distressed and hand stitched willow tree dish towel.

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