Picaninny Candle Board

Mustard over Black, 3 pegs

Hand painted mammy in burgundy

6 long taper candles included.

Here is a selection of Salt box painted items,

(black isn't everyones style)

Stained frame Black/chalk board

Handpainted picaninny in burgundy

Painted pot for chalk.


  1. Case
  2. Round Timber Box
  3. Milk urn
  4. Tissue Box Cover
  5. Coasters (1 to go)

Pineapple Bowl.

Handpainted mustard and green

Saltbox house farm scene. 

Vintage Sewing Box (repurposed)

with genuine vintage sewing memorabelia

(spools, cottons, studs, scissors & lace etc)

Hand made raggy Bear made from woolen batting


Painted Bowl rack with

Hand stitched mini towel with willow tree,

 Hand stitched Candle Mat.


Stitched and Painted Prim Star on rusty spring with country check tie,rusty star and pips. Tips with small rusty bells and mini tags H.O.P.E. on rusty pins.


Sewn and Painted Heart on black metal candle stand with red cardinal on one side, vintage pompom lace, country check bow and pips finished with mini tags L.O.V.E. on rusty pins.


Hand made prim soap stand with peg for

metal cup , Hand made prairie soap wraped in gauze and finished off with pips.

(can be used or for decoration only)

 Raggedy and Ginger Shelf Sitters

Handmade in Navy blue check

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